Mega Melons Cuttwood E-Juice (Monster Melons)

Mega Melons Cuttwood E-Juice (Monster Melons)

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Mega Melons Cuttwood E-Juice (formerly Monster Melons) is a refreshing tropical blend made up from the sweet taste of perfectly ripened mangoes, papayas, and cantaloupes.

Cuttwood is a top name in the e-liquid industry due to their dedication to providing a quality product through hours of research, development, rigorous testing and innovation.

Note this liquid was originally named "Monster Melons" and has since been renamed to "Mega Melons." By choosing the 15mL size option you will receive a bottle that says "Monster Melons" do not worry as this is the same flavor. Choosing the 16.5mL bottle size option will get you the "Mega Melons" bottle.

70% VG 30% PG

E-liquid cannot be returned unless wrong flavor has been received and the bottle is still sealed and full.

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