HELOS-X Universal Wax Globe Cartridge Set

HELOS-X Universal Wax Globe Cartridge Set

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Featuring a unique glass globe design, the HELOS-X Universal Wax Globe Cartridge Set wins the vaporizer style battle by a knockout. The glass globe design at the base appears like a mystical figure from the past by the way the curves adjoin at the base and by the glittering brightness caused by reflective light. You can dazzle your friends at a well-lit nightclub by holding the Universal Wax Globe cartridge up towards the bright lights to produce an almost disco ball effect. The rugged borosilicate glass the HELOS uses to construct the glass creates a crystal ball effect, as the vapor begins to build inside of the dome.

Style may win the HELOS-X Universal Wax Globe Cartridge Set points, but the vaporizer really shines on performance. The cartridge produces consistently smooth draws that linger at the back of the throat. Replaceable eNail coils contain a ceramic-heating element to quickly fires up your favorite oils and waxes. Removing coils only involves unscrewing the old coil and screwing in its replacement which are very affordable and available in several styles.

ユ Battery Range between 3.2 and 4.2 Volts
ユ One Corrosion Proof Mouthpiece
ユ Three Replaceable Atomizer Coils
ユ Borosilicate Glass Dome
ユ Quick Production of Heat from Coils
ユ Impervious to Impact Damage

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