HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set

HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set

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The HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set looks like a light bulb, but it does much more than simply brighten your day.  Its all borosilicate glass globe design helps to produce fresh vapor quality while providing a clear view of how much vapor you are taking in. You also enjoy smoother puffs from your material since the globe allows the vapor to cool and expand before you take it in.

With the laser-etched logo on the base, the glass dome provides both style and high performance. The thick glass construction creates an impervious dome that ensures the original integrity of the vapor. One-piece glass dome means you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your favorite waxy oils and concentrates.

The innovative airflow that defines the HELOS-G Advanced Glass Globe Cartridge Set efficiently delivers vapors. HELOS eliminates a separate mouthpiece, which reduces the amount of materials your vapor comes in contact with, ultimately provided a more pure vapor. The eNail coil quickly heats your thick oils sustains the same temperature for long periods. Clear o-rings and a glimmering metal base enhance the appearance of the vaporizer. The large ceramic dish withstands the rigors of daily use, as well as provides a easy to access loading platform.

ユ 510 Threaded Base
ユ Two Replacement eNail Coils
ユ Borosilicate Glass Dome
ユ Laser Etched Cartridge Base
ユ Battery Calibrates Between 3.2 and 4.2 Volts
ユ Storage Box Includes Protective Foam

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